The Misadventures of Rascal,
The Masked Bandit
ISBN: 978-0-9822337-1-9
8.5x 8.5 Children's Book
Publisher: RoseHeart Publishing
Release date: December 2008
Pages: 24
Price: $10.95


Rascal, the lovable raccoon, gets in trouble with a Mama Gator when he tries to steal her eggs.

Excerpt from  The Misadventures of Rascal, The Masked Bandit

Rascal moved closer as Mama Gator decided to investigate a boat full of fishermen invading her territory. He eyed the mound where the eggs lay beneath the dirt but he knew he must wait until she was farther away. I mean a long way away, he was thinking. He sneaked forward, silently, on his soft padded feet, moving closer to the concealed spot where the eggs lay. Inching his way to within a paw’s touch, he lifted his furry head, checking out Mama Gator’s position. Rascal spied a sharp snout gliding along in the water, with two red beady eyes staring blankly ahead, as she skimmed the top, hardly making a ripple. “Now’s the time!” he exclaimed and frantically started digging away at the mound of dirt. Once again, checking out Mama’s position, he raised his head and found her speeding back to her nest. His heart raced as he muttered, “Oh, no! Foiled again!” He groaned loudly and made a mad dash away from there before she decided to shorten his tail. “Get away!” she screamed at Rascal. He felt the fury of her as the gnashing teeth pulled fur from his thick coat. “Ouch!” Rascal yelled. Fear gave him added strength and he ran as fast as he could before he became her lunch!