On The Corner of Love and Heartache
ISBN: ebook
Publisher: Primrose Books
Release date: December 2015
Pages: 312
Ebook: $4.99


In a fiery crash on a race track, love and heartache meet one last time as two lives are destroyed. Too many times, she's lost her heart and her soul, afraid the next time the race to the finish will end in the fiery crash and death of her nightmares, the way she's seen it so many times before. She refuses to watch the man she loves die in a ball of fire and walks away. But her heart has other plans.

Excerpt from  On The Corner of Love and Heartache

Fire exploded in a glorious ball of yellow and red and blue-tinged flames. She felt the heat on her back as she ran, the flames licking hungrily at her body.

Her skin felt scorched from the heat that chased her. It was all she could do to stay on her feet. The faster and farther she ran, the closer and hotter the flames grew.

Fear kept her moving.

She stumbled and fell.

Sidney Brewer woke abruptly, lungs burning, chest heaving, gasping for air as she fought down the panic clutching at her insides. She shivered from the powerful force of her nightmare.

It was the phone call that had the demons rising again. The call from Garrett Blake.

She’d be damned if she’d do that again. No matter how much he sweet-talked. She wasn’t going to stand by and watch him crash and burn again.

She wasn’t going to stand by and watch him die.