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When Darkness Comes

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April 2017 News & Notes

Our weeds are growing like wildfire. Our grass, not so much. LOL. Haven't seen any deer coming to the feeder, although we're seeing plenty of tracks on the lane that leads to our house. Our one dogwood tree is out in full bloom and it is beautiful.

We have a lot of plans this month. I love animals so I'm dragging my husband to a couple wildlife conservatories here in Florida. First we're going to visit Carson Springs which is home to large cats--Bengal tigers, cougars and other animals of the wild. Then later in the month, we're traveling to Chipley where Seacrest Wolf Preserve is. Wolves are my favorite animal and I'm really looking forward to that excursion.

Now on to the good stuff:
TORMENT IN COLOR was released and is available as an ebook on Kindle and other ebook sites. It will be released later in the year or next year as a paperback.

What I'm writing now:
HIS NAME WAS JOHN and I loved him so... is coming along fine, slow as there is a lot of research I want to get done. Rainie Fowler tells her story to a journalist, wanting to tell it her way so the facts will be put down in her own words. She has lived a long life. Now eighty years old, she has lived what most perceive as a lonely and wasted life. But not to her.

She mets John, a navy pilot at the onset of WWII who shipped out to join the fight after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. A few years later, they meet again in which begins a love so strong that when tragedy does strike, nothing can break the bonds of their hearts.

I try not to cry as I type out the story.

On the shelf:
THE TOUCH - THE SISTERS THREE, a three-story collection of the Charles sisters and their escapades, is still patiently waiting until I finish the above.

~ Story 1: Vanessa Charles attempts to teach a man with two left feet how to
   ballroom dance.

~ Story 2: Veronica Charles genealogy trace links a man's family tree to John
   Wilkes Booth and he's not happy.

~ Story 3: Viana Charles serves as a sous chef to a renowned chef known for his    wild temper and eccentric ways.
Watch for notes soon.

On the back burner:
DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY, Book 3 in the Davies sisters trilogy follows Ciara Davies, a self-defense/dance instructor is stirring away, wishing I would hurry the hell up and get to it. Update soon.

Always a little murder, a little deceit and a little mystery in all my stories. And, I can't leave out a love story thrown into the mix. More on these as they coalesce.

As always, have a great month. And as always take care.
Till next time! Many blessings to all!

~ Cissy ~