Whimsy - Still the Same
Publisher: Primrose Books
Release date: March 2019
Pages: 340
eBook Price: $3.99


The strange and bizarre find Faire Whimsy Bleu wherever she may go, whether

they be good or fraught with evil. This time around, Whimsy is on the hunt. After

rescuing a child, she faces down a witch who makes what Whimsy's done in the

past look like child's play.

Excerpt from  Whimsy - Still the Same

Today, I encounter an empty room. However, knowing these little buggers, they’re just waiting on the sidelines and soon enough they’ll show their ugly side.

I know there’s something here because of the smell. There’s no mistaking it. Death. It’s here somewhere. I just have to find it.

Hesitantly, I walk through a doorway leading to the kitchen. A smear on the refrigerator. A tiny hand and my stomach revolts. Not a child, I pray.

First glance tells me it is. No amount of praying is going to change the evidence. Past experience reminds me to be cautious. It’s not always as it seems.

There is no swarm of dark swirls of demons. No telling auras for me to determine the source of the disturbance. I’m not looking for the living. It’s those who have left us way too soon and have a way of showing me what brought them front and center into death.

I make my way through the small apartment but encounter nothing. Nothing but the smear of blood on the refrigerator. I hesitate to contact Riley. It’s too soon. I have nothing to tell him. I’m not sure why he even called me to this location. I owe him so I call anyway. He’ll be waiting.

“Riley. I found nothing,” I tell him, right off the bat.

“There has to be, Whims.”

I roam around as I talk. “I’ve searched the rooms, examined the whole place. Like I said. Nothing.”

“Could you check again? I mean, just to be sure.”

“Of course. Just for you. I’ll call you when I’m done.”

Bedroom. Bathroom. Living room. Kitchen.

Nothing swirling, dancing or menacing.

Then a tiny shadow under the table moves and whimpers.