Publisher: Primrose Books
Release date: January 2022
Pages: 299
eBook Price: $3.99


Whimsy is used to what she calls unnaturals, beings that no one can see but her, beings that try to steals the souls from the unsuspecting residents of her town. Her latest adventures take her to new places, creatures never seen before and a celebrated paranormal investigator who disappeared for five years and is now nosing around, spying on her activities and the unsuspecting citizens of Delight. While keeping an eye on him and his presence for any trickery he may be up to, she encounters one of a kind beings that have no place in this time and space that take her down paths she doesnít want to go. Then suddenly time reverses itself and the creatures are pulled back in time and she along with them. Ending up at Stonehenge, Druids and a look-alike Merlin in Olde England, who pushes her back to the present where murder, mayhem and all other shenanigans are going on that there are no answers for. Whatís next for Faire Whimsy Bleu is anybodyís guess.

Excerpt from  Whimsy - One of a Kind

Just when you think you have it figured out, along comes something that confuses the hell out of you. I start to ask if she/he/it wanted something but realized how utterly foolish that was and said nothing. What would be the point? These were unnatural creatures intended on harming any humankind on the edge of despair.

No longer interested in the strange forms, my companion, Sweet Babboo, deserted me. Gave a soft woof meant to convey heís heading home, with or without me.

I decided I should too before Chance woke up to find me gone and launched into man-splaining mode, giving me one of his lectures on how he could protect me when he didnít even know I was gone, which I take as an affront. As Iíve told him many times, I donít need his protection. I could take care of myself. Well, most of the time.

The neon glow along the horizon signals the day was about to begin, consequently giving me just enough time to get home and pretend Iíd been there all night.

By the time I walked in the back door, I was a dirty mess. One glance at my discarded clothing and thereíd be questions. I stripped quickly in the laundry room, threw my soiled clothing in the washer, hoping to keep them hidden from eagle-eye Chance.

When I entered the bedroom, my heart stepped up a beat. Chance looked so adorable, the light blue sheet covering only his back side. I wanted to jump into bed, wake him and show him how much he meant to me. Instead, I slipped beneath the sheet and curled around him, thoughts of unnaturals gone.

I felt Sweet Babboo jump up on the end of the bed and wondered moments before I fell back asleep, how I was going to explain his dirty paws.