Publisher: Primrose Books
Release date: August 2023
Pages: 255
eBook price: $3.99


Starting a new life after a tragedy that took her husband, Ravenna Ellison, moves to the country. What she thought was to be a time of peace and renewal completley changes when she meets a man upon her arrival who turns her world upside down and steals her heart. Warnings come from every quarter to be cautious of what lay beyond the shadowed woods. What they don't say is the man from her first encounter is more of a danger to her heart than anything that comes of the woods.

Excerpt from The Shadowed Wood 
This was going to be the perfect place to start again. It was going to be tough in the beginning but she already felt the faint stirrings of life that had been dormant for two years.

Unlocking the door, she pushed it open and on an intake of breath, she turned in circles until she reached the center of the room.

Something disturbed her euphoria, bringing her to a screeching halt. She tilted her head to listen, closed her eyes and let the silence wash over her.

She opened her eyes again, walked through to the back door and looked out. It was lovely. Nothing but a line of trees adorned the back. The best thing to do now was retrieve her luggage from the car and start unpack-ing, making this house her home.

“Who the hell are you?”

Startled, Ravenna jumped, stumbling backwards un-til she hit the door. A man, a very large man, stripped her of all her senses, intimidating her with his looming pres-ence. She was so startled by his sudden appearance, she could only stare.

“Not only who are you but what are you doing here in this house?” the man growled. “No one is allowed here without the consent of the owner.”

Rousing from her mental lethargy, she rounded his large frame and walked to the front door where she leaned against the wall, jacked a hand on her hip and gave him the once-over. She was not going to be bullied by some over-grown half-wit who thought he could walk into her house, well, Aunt Tildy’s house, and make demands.

It was on the tip of her tongue to make demands of her own but with his threatening stance Ravenna decid-ed it might be best if she asked him nicely to leave.

Still, it was quite rude of him to question her as if he owned the place. But with the dark glare and menacing stance, to his way of thinking his word was law and he dared anyone to go against him.

Ravenna lifted her chin, quickly flicked her eyes over his tall frame and gave him a sugary smile, one she was sure he would know was fake.

“Sorry, I didn’t get your name.”

She folded her arms against her and waited, now, with a forward look, assessing his character, his features growing darker and nastier.

His long stride brought him into what she consid-ered her personal space, much too uncomfortable for a stranger to be invading her space.

“I didn’t give it,” he stated in a low growl.