Publisher: Primrose Books
Release date: May 2022
Pages: 300
eBook price: $3.99


Harlowe Montgomery takes in another broken wing, a young woman with no

memory. Calling in favors from her childhood friend, Fritzi Pop, to put out the

word for the man she seeks, she finds he's so elusive no one knows who he is,

which only succeeds in Harlowe digging in deeper to go to any length to keep her

charge safe and bring the man down. Now her abuser has come for the young

woman and it will take all of Harlowe's strength and determination to protect her.

SHE knew who she was.

She knew her name.

She just needed a moment to remember.

He told her she couldn’t talk. He told her to keep her mouth shut. He told her there’d be punishment, harsh punishment, if she didn’t. He warned her but she hadn’t listened. It had taken only three beatings before she followed the rules.

There were so many, though. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. You listen. You follow the rules. You won’t be punished.

He said he was a doctor. He said he’d look after her. He said she should be grateful she had someone like him to take care of her. She didn’t like the way he took care of her. The bad things he did to her.

But she had learned.

She had learned to listen. She had learned not to talk. She had learned to follow the rules.

She knew her name.

She really did.

She just needed a moment to remember.

She was tired. Her body hurt.

Her feet throbbed where he’d taken a board with tiny sharp-pointed nails in it to the soles of each foot for sitting when she was supposed to be standing.

Now the fog had taken over her brain and she couldn’t think.

She knew her name.

She just needed to think.

Where was she? Was she even supposed to be here? Where was here? Was he coming after her?

She’d wandered too far. She just wanted to find the bird that was singing so sweetly. She didn’t think her keeper would mind but she knew better. He was going to be furious this time.

She hadn’t listened.

She hadn’t followed the rules.

She saw the light. The light was coming.

The dark haired lady on the TV said to walk toward the light. Was she dead then?

Her feet hurt too much to take another step.

The light was coming. She could see it. It was coming to her. She’d wait right here for the light. And she’d follow the rules this time.

She’d listen and she’d pray for her sins to be forgiven like he said they would.

And she wouldn’t talk.

She folded her hands together and bowed her head, waiting on the bright light to reach her, waiting for what was next.

And she wouldn’t talk.

She knew who she was.

She knew her name.

She just needed a moment to remember.