Publisher: Primrose Books
Release date: May 2024
Pages: 255
eBook price: $3.99


A missing woman—is it a kidnapping or is the woman on the run? And a boatload of secrets. A mystery in the making. Juliette Mathers wants to find out what happened to her friend. And why there are so many hidden secrets surrounding her disappearance. She’s stunned when she finds her best friend has a seven-year-old daughter she knew nothing about. p> As the case becomes more complicated, so does the relationship between Mitch and Juliette. Then as more evidence finally comes to light, and more secrets uncovered, they set aside their feelings for the sake of the case. With more attacks, more shootings and an all-out siege against one of the informers’ homes, they discover the person behind the criminal acts is a woman. A woman who is out for revenge for what she feels is her righteous due.

The question is will they be able to stop her or will Juliette’s friend be brought home in a coffin.

Excerpt from HIDDEN SECRETS  

Looking into the face of Detective Browning and into the cold assessing eyes chilled her. She didn't know why he was here. She'd seen him only a few hours before and his rudeness was wearing her thin.

He'd read the email from Kirby and she'd sent him a copy for his records. Maybe it was good news and not bad.

In the back of her mind she was asking herself, what now?

Detective Mitchell Browning nodded as he approached. Impatiently, Juliette waited to hear what he had to say.

Standing tall, Mitch stared down at the young woman hed come to see with no idea why. He maintained what he hoped was a cool demeanor to ensure she knew he was there on business and business only. For the life of him he couldn't remember what that business was. He just knew he had to see Juliette again.

“Miss Mathers.”

His voice was dispassionate and detached. Listening to him say her name, he wondered if he had any feelings at all.

“If you have a minute, I'd like to further our discussion of Kirby Waters. You knew her more than anyone outside of family and I was hoping you could help us out with a few things.”

He needed her help? How was she to do that? She knew nothing about police procedure or investigations but she found herself agreeing.

“Okay. Why don't you come into my office and have a seat?”

Mitch followed behind her, trying his best not to watch the enticing sway of her hips. He sat down in a chair and waited, wondering again why he had come. What he had to say could have been said over the phone but the things he had to tell and the questions he had to ask were far more personal than what could be said with a phone call.

At least that was the excuse he gave himself.

“So, why are you here?” Juliette said, wanting to get this conversation underway.

“I wanted you to know there are far more to this disappearance than what we thought.”

“And that is?”

“How well do you know your friend?”

“Pretty well, I'd say. Why?”

The look in his eyes disturbed her. Had they found Kirby? Had something happened to her? More than anything now she wanted to know if he was bringing bad news.

“Do you know she has a daughter?”

“That's impossible. She would've told me.”

“Didn't you share everything that happened in your lives?” Then realizing his question sounded more like an accusation, it was too late, there was no way to take it back or soften the tone of his voice.

The glare she gave him was filled with annoyance. She knew he was just doing his job but pointing the finger at her as if she were part of the reason for her friend's disappearance was ludicrous.

Juliette sat a little straighter and put a little ice in her voice. “Sometimes but not always. There are certain things one would prefer to keep to themselves.”

His smile was cold. “Like having a child you don't want anyone to know about?”