Publisher: Primrose Books
Release date: September 2016
Pages: 348
eBook price: $3.99

Cover Photo Courtesy of
Heather Lynne Photography


Unwavering in her decision to live her life the way she wants, Alexis Davenport stands her ground and takes off for the sunny state of Florida, where she plunges headlong into living in a small coastal town—and discovers there are more to local legends that just talk.

Excerpt from  Once In Every Life
She was headed south, out of this cold dreariness, hell bent to get to Florida, the land of sunshine and beaches.

Of late, she’d been as restless as the sea during a storm. There’d been no reason for it. She just didn’t want to get up and go to work every morning. Or, deal with the traffic. Or her co-workers. Nothing seemed to satisfy her.

Her sister had told her, she’d lost it. Especially since she’d broken her engagement to the catch of the century. She didn’t care anymore. She heard the snickers behind her back at work, had to put up with her fault-finding mother insisting she not mess up this time. She hated it, hated her situation, had begun to hate everything, especially her life.

Then the erratic things she’d been doing, been thinking, even saying. None of it had made any sense, even to her. The last straw was when she snapped and couldn’t stand the sight of her fiancé another minute, ordering him out of her life. The ever-dependable Alexis Erin Davenport had flipped her lid. The go-to girl who always did what was expected. Daughter of two of the most prominent professors at the university, she practically told everyone to go to hell and walked out to start a new life.

Didn’t even give a notice at the advertising agency, a job she hated from her first hour at work, but walked right out the door without saying a bye your leave to anyone.

And for the life of her, not one that she could find, could not come up with a reason for doing so. She’d just walked into her office, a corner office, by the way with a fantastic view, looked at the files on her desk and decided she couldn’t take it another day. She was done.

Looking back, the stupefied look on Gavin’s face was priceless.

Not that he’d been the great love of her life or that he’d been such a catch in the first place like everyone thought but her. An engagement to a pompous ass didn’t spawn any great loss to her heart.

She wanted love. She wanted passion. Fiery passion. If there’d been any in their relationship she wouldn’t be driving like a bat out of hell down the highway to get away from everyone.

But she wasn’t going to dwell on that disaster another minute. She was a free spirit. And there was no changing that, she confessed. Heaven help her if anyone ever tried that trick again.

She’d tried to change and that was the problem. She’d been there, right on the cusp of change, ready to alter herself but then had taken a long hard look at the life that would be in store for her, the never-ending boredom, the dull repetitiveness, the tiresome individual that she, Alexis Erin Davenport, had turned into. When reality dropped a ton of bricks on her head and she realized that life was not for her, she rebelled, said hell no and ran like demons were after her.

And wondered if she’d lost her mind.