ISBN: 0-9767634-3-5
Publisher: Primrose Books
Release date: December 2005
Pages: 444
eBook price: $3.99


Second Book in the Bleu trilogy!

Something evil blows in the wind.

On a trail that has long been cold, Caileigh Bleu hasn’t given up hope of finding her kidnapped sisters, especially her twin but now her intuitive powers are telling her that time is running out. Evil waits on the sidelines while she frantically seeks answers to their disappearance. Faced with the possibility that she may never see her twin alive again, she prays for a solution. Then the answer to her prayers literally falls into her arms ... a time traveler on a mission of his own. Too late, she remembers that old adage. Be careful what you wish for, you may not like what you get.

Excerpt from The Mystic Night Wind

He felt the awareness slam into him even before he turned the corner and just the sight of her took his breath away. All else faded from view and only the vi-sion of beauty in the female form remained.

Little by little, his surroundings righted them-selves. He began to hear again, to see again. And when he breathed in, well, the only thing he could smell was the tantalizing essence of her woman scent.

He’d come a long way to right a wrong that had been done centuries past. But even that paled in com-parison to what stood before him now.

With the greatest will he’d ever tried to enforce on himself, he turned from her to walk on. Then, just as he passed by, a hairs breadth away from where she stood, she raised her head and he met her startled eyes. Eyes that he thought he knew. Somehow. From somewhere.

Immediately, he was cloaked in such a warmth, he couldn’t think of anything but the silver eyes that held him spellbound. Captured by just that look. Then she smiled and the warmth that had been there before, turned into a blazing heat that had him shuddering and gasping for his next breath.

Nothing mattered now but this pull, this carnal urge to couple with this female that held him prisoner in the circle of her aura.

“Hello, I’m Caileigh Bleu. Do I know you?”

The sound of her voice washed over him in such torrents that wave on wave of uncontrollable desire hit him with such force, he wanted to slam her against the red brick building and take her like an animal. The feel-ing jammed into him and seared his soul.

“Mister? Are you all right?”

He frowned, not able to comprehend, watching her mouth move and not able to make out the words. The language, he reminded himself, had to be translated. He reached up to his ear and pressed the tiny transor be-hind his ear lobe.

“I am Aidan Cain, a traveler from afar. I am in need of directions.”

Caileigh eyed the stranger warily. It was plain to see he was not from her neck of the woods. It was also plain to see that he needed a lot more than help with directions whether he wanted to admit it or not.

“I’ll be glad to help you if I can. What street are you looking for?”

“Street? Oh, street.”

Aidan knew he was staring, a rude thing to do, but he couldn’t swing his gaze away from the mesmerizing silver eyes. He knew he sounded like, what was that word in the English language again? A dimwit?

He still wasn’t sure of the meaning of that word as it was another of the slang words these old age earth-lings used. It was bad enough not to know his way around the planet and now had to revert to the old lan-guage, too. He never expected to encounter anyone like this Caileigh Bleu, with her silver eyes and silver hair.

He had no idea what the elders were thinking when they sent him back through time to find Shera, the Rose House, and set things right again. Still, the task was given him and him alone. He had to see it through, see it done.

The pull tugged at him again. He reached out to slide his finger down her cheek, marveling at the soft-ness of her delicate structure.

Caileigh sucked in her breath, feeling the snap and crackle of his caress along the surface of her skin. Panic skittered along her nerve endings. Being touched by this stranger was a very bizarre experience, to say the least, doing all kinds of exotic things to her insides. Her normal running motor mouth had suddenly taken a de-tour south and braked to a stop. He was still staring, looking at her oddly, like she had grown a second head.

Of course, she had to return the favor and stare right back. He had a kissable mouth, one she found her-self very interested in. Idly, she wondered what would happen if he smiled. Would he have those pearly white teeth that always seemed to sparkle? She hadn’t seen many men that did. She was a sucker for those and was always on the lookout when a man smiled.

She waited in anticipation as his fingertips lin-gered. Then the realization that she was standing out in the middle of the street allowing a perfect stranger to touch her, had her stepping back. What were they talk-ing about anyway? Streets, yeah that was it. He was lost.

“Did you need my help to find a certain street?” she asked curiously.

It had been a long while since her last date and this one looked so deliciously yummy. She loved the way he made her feel. With just one touch, he had her heart racing and somersaulting like it was trying out for the Olympics.

She’d had her fill of the dating scene ages ago. Her main focus was finding her sisters that were kidnapped right along with her when she was three years old. That had been twenty-five years ago. The trail had long been dead and cold. Sometimes she felt she was making about as much progress as an inchworm, but still, those tiny little insects finally got where they were going.

This Aidan Cain character was an interesting specimen, though. And another thing she discovered was that he looked familiar. Somehow. Maybe it was the eyes. Eyes that were still staring and she didn’t know what to do about it. She didn’t want to be rude, but what the hell, he was being rude.

Then she noticed other things about this handsome stranger, things that were beginning to set her nerves on edge. Like the arrogant quality of his features. The stubborn set to his chin.

Well, she decided. He was a man. Let him find his own way. She decided her best course of action was to leave him to it. She started to walk on by but his fea-tures had paled and she grew concerned.

Aidan blinked rapidly and grabbed his head from the flash of blinding pain. He was still feeling the pres-sure of transference but this time the pain was affecting his vision. The slow bone-shuddering transference, the stress of his accident and the pressure to get the job done as quickly as possible, was swiftly depleting his energy and he knew he had to rest. But where was he to go?

“Please, help me,” he whispered as everything folded in on him and he fell forward into Caileigh’s arms.