ISBN: 0-9767634-4-3
Publisher: Primrose Books
Release date: March 2006
Pages: 448
eBook price: $3.99


Love gets in the way of duty when danger comes calling as Cyann Davies becomes the target of a knife-wielding, cold-blooded killer. The only problem is she’s the wrong woman, a case of mistaken identity. One that wants nothing to do with a macho opinionated cop by the name of Tucker Morgan, an undercover cop who lives for the thrill of putting the bad guys behind bars.

Recovering from a gunshot wound, Tucker is given the cushy job of an easy stakeout. Full of resentment that he has to babysit some babe, he’s still a cop with a job to do whether he wants to do not. But what he finds is a woman who fuels his anger and heats his blood.

Tucker Morgan proves to be just as dangerous to Cyann as the killer who’s after her. Not only does she stand the chance of losing her life, but also her heart. The question she’s asking herself now is, if Tucker’s protecting her from a killer, who’s protecting her from Tucker?

Excerpt from  Mistaken Identity
“It is the finding of this court, in the case of the State of Florida versus Buster Jensen, the verdict be rescinded at this time pending a new trial. The prisoner will be released immediately into the custody of his attorney, Peter Dobbs. Mr. Jensen must remain in the city of Gainesville, county of Alachua or be considered in contempt of court. I hereby order a new trial placed on the docket as early as can be deemed reasonable.”

What marvelously sweet, incredible wonderful words! Jensen gloried in them.

The gavel echoed in his ears as he played the tape again. He was free.


His first order of business was to take care of the heartless bitch that sent him to that cold cement block with barely enough space to turn around in.

His thumb pressed the button on his switchblade. Its slick glide from it’s casing the only sound that could be heard. The blade glinted maliciously in the pale light from the lamp. A feral gleam shone in the eye of its holder as he caressed the blade like a lover. His maniacal laughter filled the air as he swished the air in pretense of piercing the flesh of his victim.

He would be meticulous, of course. His talent at carving, the best. He would make straight lines on her skin. Not too deep at first, naturally. Just enough to slice the skin so he could watch the blood ooze from her flesh in tiny beaded droplets. So he could watch the fear in her eyes when he repeated each action. There were other things, he’d do of course. He would take her again and again and again. He’d make her beg for mercy but there’d be none.

The bitch would pay for not minding her own business.

Yes, the bitch would pay ... and pay ... and pay!