ISBN: 978-0-9845470-5-0
Publisher: Primrose Books
Release date: November 2010
Pages: 288
Ebook price: $3.99


Cassie Willoughby is devoted to her horses and running her ranch. Her days are filled with keeping her beloved ranch afloat and has no time for anything else, until the day Elijah Canton stands tall and proud like a warrior of old as if he’d come to rescue her and save her ranch.

Excerpt from  Desperate Measures
Cassie climbed into the saddle as weary now as if she’d worked days without relief. She spied the top of the barn as she rode and was grateful that she wasn’t that far away. Now as she grew closer, something was straightening her spine, making her wary of what sat in her driveway.

It had been one hell of a day and she wasn’t in the mood for interference from anyone. The fence had been knocked down again and her suspicions were at an all time high.

Still, it may be someone bearing good news. She needed a lot of that right now—and a lot of good luck would be nice. Before she confronted the visitor, she scanned the area around her house but saw no one.

Then she saw movement on her front porch. The hair raised on the back of her neck and her spine tingled.

She wished she’d been smart enough to bring her binoculars with her, she thought as she eased out of the saddle to walk him closer to her house. She wrapped the reins around a post in the back of the barn, bracing herself against the building. Her rifle was inside. She tilted her head and listened but heard nothing. From her position, she could see the red truck. Beat up and falling apart. Montana license plates. The only thing lacking was a dog.

She peered around the corner and found him.

She met the big brown eyes of the ugliest dog she’d ever seen. He was sitting in front of the truck, his long tongue lolling out one side of his mouth staring at her. Positive Mr. Ugly belonged to the man on the porch, she wondered what someone from Montana wanted with her. Wondered, too, why she was so suspicious.

Cassie blew out a breath and slid along the side of the barn, the dog turning his head to the side curiously, watching her movements. She thought she was safe until he stood and sniffed the air. He took a couple steps toward her, looked back over his shoulder at his owner and woofed softly.