Publisher: Primrose Books
Release date: February 2024
Pages: 207
eBook price: $3.99


Thinking there is something seriously wrong with her when fourteen-year-old Junie Moone discovers she can hear the thoughts and whisperings in certain people, she keeps what she considers an affliction to herself. To compound things, a nosy new student, Nessie Bolton, seems to be stalking her. Everywhere Junie goes, there she seems to be.

Things take a different turn when a new twist occurs in the form of Junie being able to see through another's eyes. What she sees through those eyes terrifies her. From home invasions and burglary to murder, Junie is taken on a ride she can't seem to get out of. Then another nasty turn when the murderer traps the young man inside a car, douses it with gas and tosses a match on it. He barely escapes with his life and the murderer is arrested. What other problems are going to arise that Junie Moone has to face?

The newest twist is when Junie discovers Nessie has major problems of her own. Hunted by a woman with a shady past who is claiming Nessie stole from her, she enlists Junie's help to get away from her. Things come to a head when the woman traps them in a park with no way out. Her newfound abilities are no help as she's unable to hear any whisperings coming from the women that indicate what her plans are other than killing them. The only indication is the pot shots the woman takes at them. Being shot at or captured is not Junie's idea of a fun afternoon. With their lives in danger, will the two girls survive the act of violence with no way out of this latest attack?

Sometimes the things I hear are frightening, sometimes they're fun, sometimes confusing. Like this guy that lives down the road from us. His thoughts are weird. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding what those thoughts mean. Sometimes those thoughts have a way of coming true.

His name is Clancy Rice. I see him (which that in itself is unusual as I'm never able to see thoughts, just the whisperings of them). He's standing at a crossroads, looking in all directions. For some reason, I'm there with him.

I know it's not really me. I'm in someone else's head, which I've never been before and it scares the shit out of me, pardon my French.

He wants to go one way and me or whose ever head I'm in wants to go the other way. Clancy spins on one foot and marches toward a fire engine red Mustang convertible and gets in. Whoever it is I'm with, they follow.

I see Clancy tighten his hands around the steering and yell into the open air, "We're gonna drive to the ends of the earth, hell bent for leather, as fast as this old horse can go."

He keys the engine, guns the gas a couple of times, and turns on the radio. Turning up the volume to ear-splitting level, he finds an oldies station. When CCR starts playing Run Through The Jungle, his arms shoots into the air and he starts snapping his fingers along with the music.

Bewildered by what is happening, I try to back myself out of this guy's head but I'm stuck.

Clancy looks over at me--remember I'm in someone's head--and he shoots the bird. I have no idea why or what it has to do with the situation. He bends over the wheel, stares hard at the road ahead of him. I stare, too, and squint, hoping to see what he sees. All that lay ahead is a dirt road and fields of nothing. I assume or hope he knows what he's doing and where he's going.

In my mind--not the mind of whoever I'm in--I think he's a crazy moron. I want to get away but my thoughts are no longer my own.

"Ready to hit the road, Slick?" he yells. "Here we go!"

Clancy punches the gas pedal hard. Slick's head flies back and hits the head rest. And I feel it all as if my body is in his.

Clancy is a lunatic, I'm finding out. I'm beginning to believe everything I know about him is true.