To This Day
ISBN: 978-0-9801504-1-4
Publisher: Primrose Books
Release date: January 2008
Pages: 312
Ebook price: $3.99


Lainie Hatcher only wants to raise her son and leave the past where it belongs. Then without warning the past suddenly becomes the present when Jake Newberry returns to his hometown to try to find the pieces he left behind. He’d betrayed Lainie and needed her forgiveness. A sentiment that Lainie couldn’t give and keep her secret. A secret that could bind them together or rip them apart. She’d loved Jake forever, even to this day, but can she take the risk of shattering their hearts with the secret she’s kept all these years?

Excerpt from  To This Day
She rubbed at the small life growing in her abdomen, the confirmation of a love shared by two lives. Even so, this new life would only be shared by one.

She’d loved Jake Newberry with all the love her young heart could hold. Now her heart was strug-gling with a decision she had to make.

She was eighteen years old. She should be entering college with a bright future to look forward to but her future had changed in the blink of an eye.

In a month, she would give birth to a son. Jake’s son. But how to provide for a child with no job skills was going to be the challenge. That’s why she had to decide whether to give the child up for adoption which would break her heart or keep it and pray that her life would take a turn for the better.

Now, standing on this bridge, tossing flower petals into the water, she breathed in the first scents of spring, watching the petals swirl in the ripples and make intricate patterns of color.

Seeing them, blueprinted an idea on her mind. She already had her supplies from school to start her off. She had also had a few dollars she could spend on art supplies that had been left from her parent’s estate.

She sighed. She had her sister to consider. Amy was still very vulnerable after the death of their par-ents and the turbulence surrounding more tragedy in her life.

She blamed Jake for Amy’s condition. He’d known all along the boy she was dating was a drug user and had hooked her sister. When Jake had turned him in, Amy had plunged into a downward spiral and Lainie was forced to place her in drug re-hab. Just when she thought Amy was coming out of it, they discovered Amy was pregnant which pushed her over the edge. She slit her wrists. She lost the baby and nearly lost her life. The road to recovery was going to be a long one.

Lainie had chosen to keep the house she’d grown up in. She may have needed the money but she couldn’t bear to part with it. The house was too full of memories of happier times.

Entering through the back door, she sat down at the table where she’d left photo albums. She was in the midst of making one for herself and her sister. Amy was a dear sensitive person and she hoped the photos would boost her spirit.

But what was she to do about the child she carried?

She never thought her life would become so complicated at such a young age. And she knew there were many more complications to come. It was how she handled them that would make the differ-ence. She was so full of anger at Jake for leaving like he did and angry at herself for caring so much.

Now she needed him more than ever.

She sifted through the photographs, separating them into piles. There were a lot of photographs she had no idea who they were and put them into a sepa-rate file to toss out.

The baby kicked hard, reminding her that what lie ahead was a new path. A path she’d have to travel alone.